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Drug-Free Headache Relief

Our clinic utilizes functional medicine with functional neurology for the management and support of chronic illness.

Headaches are a very common symptom that we see yet they are very much misunderstood by most doctors.

Let’s make a few things very clear.

  1. Headaches are NOT normal.
  2. There are many different causes of headaches.
  3. Very few headaches are life-threatening; a recent study shows that one 1/11,000 people with migraines had something show up on an MRI; of course life threatening causes need to be ruled out.
  4. Headaches are a neurological problem with almost always some underlying metabolic problems.

Once the underlying causes are truly discovered most of the time the results can be very good with functional medicine and neurology. In the rare case they cannot we always make the appropriate referral.

If you have been suffering from migraines or chronic headaches, and have not gotten the answers or results from medication, I strongly recommend you watch my full length video available to you on this website. This is information you most likely have never heard before!

You have nothing to lose and it could very well be the first step in getting your life back.